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DOMNICK glass cutter

Enjoy cutting because of DOMNICK cutter!

Designed finely and human based, DOMNICK cutter brings you the best cutting experience.

DOMNICK cutter is fixed with tungsten carbide wheel, and widely used in flat glass, stained glass etc.

1. Carbide wheel is super, blade is specially processed, make your cutting line near perfect.

2. Handle is flexible plastic, not easy to break or crack.

3. Metal pontes are made of brass which is more durable and stainless.




DOMNICK Quality cutter DOMNICK Quality cutter
Model: MC-20 Model: MC-20
Two types: Two types:
No mark 1.5-6mm "S" 10-15mm
"T" 6-10mm      "H" 15-19mm   
Hanle:flexible plastic, not easy to crack or break Handle: reinforced plastic, not easy to crack or break
Cut wheel: TC Cut wheel: TC
Metal: brass, stainless Metal: brass, stainless

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