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Domnick cutter

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Six-wheel cutter

Handle of German type six-wheel cutter is round or oblate, cutting blade is different in specification.

Our factory can do custom made as your drawing or sample.

Six-wheel cutter Six-wheel cutter
Model: DY-026 Model: DY-026-2
Cut thick: 2-8mm Cut thick: 2-8mm
Handle: wood Handle: wood
Wheel: six pieces Wheel: six pieces


Diamond glass cutter

A piece of natural diamond is processed to certain angle and fixed in the blade. Diamond glass cutter is used to cut glass before wheel cutter, nowadays diamond glass cutter is mostly for cutting hard glass like quartz glass, or silicon chip etc.

Diamond glass cutter

Model: DY-025

Handle: wood

Blade: natural diamond


American type glass cutter

(Lute glass cutter)

Model: DY-027

Handle: wood

Blade: natural diamopnd


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