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Domnick cutter

Oil glass cutter

Other glass cutter

Cutting wheel
Cutter head

Sucker/suction lifter

T cutter

Glass pliers

Circle cutter & spare part

Cutting machine

Drill bits

Glass engraver

Diamond grinding wheel

Glass pliers:
Purfle pliers Cut-edge pliers  
Model: TH1101 Model: TH1102
To make purfle in glass edge To break off small edge
       flat nose pliers         Curved nose pliers
      Model: TH1103         Model: TH1104
widely used type nose is curved
Break pliers
        Mosaic pliers
       Model: TH1106          Model: TH1107
To break off thick glass after cutting For Mosaic glass specailly
Glass breaks
Long pliers
Model: TH1105
Model: TH1109

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